About Jax Media

Big agency expertise with a boutique approach. Over 20 years of combined executive experience in strategy, copywriting, branding, media buying, content development, technology management, digital media, UX/UI design, and social media.

We know Your Ready For More

We want to help make your ideas more accessible.

To do this, we set up our business to operate in four, supporting ways:

Customer Service at the Core

Integrity is Non-Negotiable

Replace Clichés with Quality & Value

Fuel Your Growth Engine


Jax Media is an independent creative agency, working to solve everyday growing customer expectations, so that businesses, influencers, and brands perform their best.

Founded in 2009 by Arold and Nora Jacques who believe that customer retention and relationship building are more important than a one-time transaction. Research shows, that in this post-digital age, people’s expectations of future technology continue to grow and many attempts to deliver on those expectations are being rejected. Companies must now build new paths forward, innovatively bringing a human focus approach.

Spark Something New

The enterprises that find a way to deliver meaningful experiences in line with people’s expectations will spark a trail for everyone else.

We’re actively engaging with companies that already aspire to this type of human-centered experience to introduce digital change post-COVID and beyond. We partner with our clients to drive real change, the catalyst to inspire innovation and creative work. Change that transforms and grows organizations using pre-existing or generated quantitative and qualitative data.

Why not get in touch? We can’t wait to see where our creative collaboration will take us.

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