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Professional Website Design Services

Jax Media offers innovative digital website design experiences and marketing services online to help brands create, maintain, and engage their online communities authentically for consistent growth. Local Maryland Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Video Content Marketing, Storytelling and Messaging, find out how we can help you to activate and captivate your audience for more traffic and sales for your business.

Purpose led, Strategy Driven

Post Digital Solutions that activate and captivate your audience

Create a digital culture that connects you to a global community through your website, social media, blog, email and customer experience design.

What We Do

We incorporate our strategies into your business routines and rhythms to build a stronger, more accessible online presence.

You are making mountains move in your industry, and you want your target customers to know about it. We fortify your digital presence through website development, user experience design, branding, copywriting, and content strategy. 

Marketing and Strategy

Your biggest goals are approachable. You just need the right strategy. We center and design our strategies around what you want to achieve. We operate closely with your internal team to work towards one vision – yours. We trust you to be the expert in your field, and you trust us to provide the marketing leadership you need.


Your voice is unique. You’ve worked hard to build a culture that is meaningful and central to your brand identity. We work hard to extract that culture and articulate your voice authentically. We inform our content strategies with audience insights, industry research, and social listening. We love spending time getting to know your voice. Then, we share that knowledge with your target customer.

Digital Branding

Your brand aesthetic, voice and message ought to be consistent wherever your business is mentioned. We take an omnichannel approach to ensure the brands we work with can be seen consistently and ubiquitously. 

User Experience Design

Design a seamless digital experience that moves your web visitors further along the customer journey.


Tell a visual story that captures the emotions and imagery around your brand through videography and photography. Show the faces and tell the stories that make your brand meaningful.

Building brands and driving success

Your brand in good hands