A Human Approach + Digital Solutions = Better Client Relationships

How We Empower You.

We digitally empower you and make it easier to connect with your prospects and existing clients.

  • +Build a Digital Brand
  • + Customize & Personalize Your Brand
  • + Improve Customer Experience
  • + Emotionally Engage Your Prospects
  • + Increase & Spark Micro-Conversations
  • + Easily Integrate Conversational AI (Chatbots) into Your Brand
  • + Increase Video Integration

Engage a New Audience with Interactive Video

  • People Over Brands?

    People don’t want to interact with big brands any more, they want to interact with people. Make a digital impression on potential consumers by showcasing the face of your brand. From exciting graphics to kinetic motion videos, incorporate eye-catching visuals into your marketing strategy and multiply your impact.

  • Automate the Conversations that Matter

    What if you could capture interested customers at the exact moment they are deciding whether or not to engage with your company? Together, we can design intuitive conversations to help your company stand out. Automated conversations can be implemented onto your website to capture leads and drive them to your preferred action within days.

  • Why Digital & Tracking?

    Create win-win situations, which enabling your brand to effectively target consumers, and provide personalized experiences for consumers based on their preferences.

  • Empower Your Possibilities With Retargeting.

    Recapture bounced traffic from your website or social media campaigns. Using retargeting strategies, we develop, automate and optimize ads to captivate your audiences as they consider your business solutions.

About Jax Media Design Group

Jax Media Design Group was created in 2009 from a passion to reconnect businesses and people through relationship marketing. Today, we are a small team of leaders, creatives, strategists and humanitarians, transforming digital solutions into personal impact for customers.

Technology was designed to connect, yet we are in an increasingly disconnected digital era. Jax Media Design Group aims to change that.

We help our customers penetrate the screens of smartphones and PCs, and capture the emotions and desires of their customers.


Making digital connections can be clunky and overbearing. Not with Jax Media Design Group, we help you achieve your business results with digital strategy.

With vibrant, modern and clean design, your website, social media platforms and digital funnels become the customer experience you desire to translate from strategy meetings into digital excellence.

Our Promise to you

Big agency expertise with a boutique approach. Over 20 years of combined executive experience in brand marketing, advertising, custom content development, technology management, interactive marketing, graphic design, and social media.


Brands have something to gain from developing long-term relationships with their customers by, understanding why consumers return for repeat business.


Many customers leave a company not because they didn't like the product, but because they were frustrated with the customer service.


Launch your own Conversational Bot, Track, store and analyze vast amounts of information about customers. Grow your pipeline, And Close More Deals


Leverage your marketing to remain relevant – focus on micro-moments and the emotional journey.

Let’s get better results for your entire team

We don't just have solutions for individuals. We supports teams, offices, and entire companies with better communication and authentic personal brand development.

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Trusted By The Best

We’re pleased to work with industry leaders and change-seekers ―from small agencies to large corporations, campaigns to nonprofits―focusing on the things that matter most in the world. We design around your brand guidelines and reference all of your prior projects to ensure consistency and quality. With a national team of time designers and devlopers we are able to scale our output the moment your digital requirements increase.