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Branding Can Take You from Zero to Ten

Have you ever been to a five-star hotel? You walked in the lobby to your favorite, fresh scent. You were greeted by a smiling hostess who guided you to the front desk, where they quickly pulled up your information. While you are waiting, you are amazed by a gorgeous light fixture, modern furniture décor, and a water and coffee station with your favorite latte options. You take a sigh of relief as you prepare yourself for an amazing experience.

Often, as business owners, we focus on high revenue-yielding activities. We create the products. We perform the services. Yet, we forget about the core engine of our business – why we began in the first place.

Branding is how you share your why with the world around you. It is how you communicate your reason for existence to your customers. It is how you connect with your authentic tribe.

So here are five ways branding can take your business from zero to ten.

Branding clarifies your messaging.

As you center in on your business’s core values, your brand messaging becomes more and more clear. I ask my clients for the top three qualities they want people to think of when they think of their brand. How do you want your customers to experience your brand? What is the feeling you want your customers to feel when they think about making a purchase or engaging with your business? Those qualities, emotions or values should be evident with every single encounter. Period.

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Branding clarifies your target audience.

When you develop the appropriate brand voice, identity and messaging, your ideal clients will gravitate towards your brand. The colors will speak to them. The words will evoke emotion. The message will lead them to the pages of your website and compel them to move.

This doesn’t just happen with arbitrary brand development. This happens when your branding is developed in concert with your customer conversations, market research and audience analysis. Study your audience. Spend time with them and develop your brand in a way that connects and speaks to them. 

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Branding increases your exposure.

We live in a technology-centered culture. So branding is more than designing a logo and brand colors. It is deciding how you will engage with the world. It is creating your digital storefront, through your website, social media, and digital presence, in a manner that is consistent with how you want to represent yourself to the world.

It does not end with the brand identity, but it continues through your daily engagements, such as your email signature, your photo filters, your reel font selections, and the details of how you show up digitally.

Branding is also shown in how frequently you show up for your customers. For those of you who may be more introverted, showing up regularly on social media or on video, can be a struggle. However, a brand and content strategy can help you plan and batch-create content in a way that works for your schedule and your energy.

Branding prepares your business for growth.

Branding makes your business presence tangible to customers, partners, investors, and those who are interested in your business. It makes growth possible. When you align your business documents, social media, website, and brand merchandise to the same aesthetic, your business gets more respect, and your brand experience is elevated. When you are launching or scaling your business, your priorities may be revenue-focused, however, professional branding will take you from zero to ten.  Schedule time with one of our brand consultants to begin creating your ideal brand experience now.

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